Corporate Finance

We raise capital for our clients through Starshak Winzenburg & Co.,
our securities broker/dealer. These capital raising transactions range
from relatively straightforward arrangements of senior bank debt to
subordinated notes to private placements of equity.
Financing is raised almost exclusively from institutional
investors in the capital markets, but occasionally from wealthy individuals who
are accredited investors.

The types of transactions funded include management buyouts or similar
acquisitions, ownership restructurings or recapitalizations, capital expenditure
programs and late stage rounds of private equity to finance growing working capital

Our firm does not have a vertical industry focus per se, but we have developed
quite a lot of experience with application or internet software companies and
computer services firms. In addition to helping these companies raise
funds needed to finance their business, we have advised them on how to position
themselves to go public and have helped them select the appropriate
underwriters to manage the IPO process.

Please click here to view examples of some of our corporate finance assignments.